• Benefits of mindfulness based cognitive therapy in Burlington 

    Benefits of mindfulness based cognitive therapy in Burlington 

    Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is a form of cognitive therapy that incorporates meditation and breathing techniques.  MBCT therapists teach clients how to break negative thought patterns that start a spiral into depression. Mindfulness Cognitive Therapy is meant to fight off depression before it ever starts. MBCT was developed for people with recurring episodes of depression and unhappiness. It’s meant to prevent patients from relapsing into the grips of depression. Mindfulness based cognitive therapy can also be helpful for treating anxiety and addiction, and improve symptoms of depression in people with physical ailments such as vascular disease or traumatic brain injury.


    MBCT is a weekly group therapy that usually last around two hours. These sessions are led by our therapist, and typically part of an eight week program. You’ll learn meditation techniques, and basic principles of cognition. Mainly, the relationship between how you think and how you feel. Thoughts become things, and controlling where your mind goes has a massive effect on the way your body feels. You will also get to know the symptoms of your depression better and be given homework that includes breathing exercises and mindful meditation.

    For those recovering from a bout of depression, sometimes just regular, everyday sadness can be a powerful trigger to reignite depression. Instead of trying to avoid or eliminate negative emotions, Mindfulness based cognitive therapy helps patients to change their relationship with these emotions and triggers. Meditation and mindfulness exercises, help people become more aware of their mental state and thoughts. This work can rebalance neural networks, and allow people to move away from automatic negative responses, and understand other ways to respond to a given situation. Developing a routine meditation practice, clients can use these techniques as soon as they begin to feel overwhelmed by negative impulses. Therefore, when these impulses arise, the person is equipped with the tools to change negative thought patterns into positive ones.

    Choosing an MCBT Therapist

    Ask and look around. Don’t be afraid to ask friends/family if they have any recommendations. If you’re trying to keep this more under the radar, search the web. The therapist website or social media will tell and show a lot about them. Beware of a therapist who has too many glamour shots or pictures that seem seductive in any way. Listen to your gut. Decide on which gender you think would work best with you. Give them a call, ask questions. What’s their training, who are the types of patients they’ve worked with in the past, what’s their specialty, have they ever been in therapy? Ask questions that are important and specific to you.

    We here at NEX Wellness, offer a variety of therapies and wellness services. Check out our bio and feel free to ask us any questions! We’re here for you, and open five days a week in the heart of Burlington.




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