• How Can A Naturopathic Doctor Help Me

    How Can A Naturopathic Doctor Help Me

    How Can A Naturopathic Doctor Help Me

    At NEX Wellness, our Burlington facility is all about combining modern medical sciences with age-old natural approaches of healing to create the least intrusive treatments that remedy the core of the health issue being treated. So how can a naturopathic doctor help me, you might ask? Well to learn more about our services, and how they can help you address your health issues, please keep reading below.

    Naturopathic Approach

    If you, or someone you know, has had a difficult time treating your health issues using conventional medicine, then a visit to our facility will do you good. Where modern western medicine treats the problem but does not get to the root of the health issue or illness, our treatments will pinpoint the catalyst and address the problem at its core. NEX Wellness strives to bring about a balance of mind and body for each of our clients that will result in an overall healthy lifestyle, free from pain.

    Our Mission

    Our naturopathic team’s mission at NEX Wellness is to provide individualized treatment approaches that are directed at fixing your unique health issues. Visit our facility for a consultation, and you will sit down with one of our naturopathic doctors to discuss your health goals and to address your underlying pain or discomfort. We don’t just want to stop your symptoms from returning with prescriptions, drugs, and foreign chemicals introduced into your body. We want to get to the root of the problem and find a natural remedy to the underlying causes of that problem.

    Our Services

    We provide a long list of test lab assessments that will help us determine the causation of your problems, such as hormonal assessments, hair element analysis, urine toxic and essential element assessment, thermography imaging, and more.

    From there, our doctors will teach you about your body, using the information gained through these assessments, prescribing treatments or therapies to approach and eradicate your health problems. These treatments include IV therapies that provide vital nutrients and vitamins to the body, hormone balancing therapies to keep your system healthy and happy, as well as chiropractic and acupuncture services. We provide extensive women’s health and prenatal support too.

    Book Today

    So how can a naturopathic doctor help me? Why not book a consultation with one of our highly skilled and fully qualified practitioners and they will create a custom treatment plan to aid you in reaching a healthy and happy lifestyle. Please click here to find our contact information online and get the consultation process underway today.



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