• What can a naturopath do for fertility?

    What can a naturopath do for fertility?

    What can a naturopath do for fertility?

    Infertility is technically the inability to achieve a pregnancy after 6 months if you’re over 35 years old or after 1 year if you’re under 35 years old.  That being said, fertility issues can exist long before this time frame has gone by.  If your cycles are irregular, if your cycles are really short, if you have lots of spotting before your period, these are some potential reasons to check in before 6-12 months has gone by. There are many ways that a naturopath can help with fertility issues. At NEX Wellness, we take great pride in our naturopath therapies that can help our clients who are having fertility issues. In this blog, we share some information about how a naturopath can help with fertility. 

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    How can naturopathic medicine help with fertility?

    Naturopathic medicine can help optimize sperm motility, morphology, overall counts, and DNA fragmentation rates. On the female side, Naturopathy can help by regulating your menstrual cycle, it can help balance the nuances of the cycle, we also think it can help with egg quality.  Our Naturopathic doctor combines acupuncture, lifestyle changes, and supplements to improve or optimize fertility in both men and women.

    When should naturopathy be considered for fertility?

    Some patients come to see the Naturopathic doctor before they even start trying to conceive and others who wait until they’re into their third IVF or third miscarriage, so anytime is a good time!

    What are the rates of success for naturopathic fertility treatment?

    Unfortunately, we don’t have actual success rates because every person receiving care is in a different situation, age, diagnosis (or lack thereof), and stage of pharmaceutical treatment protocols. However, studies show that acupuncture can improve Fertility and it makes very good sense that hormonal imbalances (and Fertility) can be influenced by lifestyle changes and supplements.

    Are there any tips for increasing fertility naturally on your own?

    An easy thing to start doing right away is increasing your consumption of fruits & vegetables.  Antioxidants are the most important factor in both egg and sperm health and the best source is our fruits & veggies! Also, try to engage in activities that reduce your stress levels. Stress can negatively impact our hormones.

    If you are looking to find natural treatments to help you increase your fertility, then naturopathic treatment at NEX Wellness can help! We encourage you to continue browsing through our website for more information.

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