• What is Antibacterial IV Therapy?

    What is Antibacterial IV Therapy?

    Some medically complex conditions require a consistent dose of antibiotics to fight infection or fluids to correct electrolyte imbalances. At NEX Wellness, we can administer a variety of different IV therapies. IV therapies are commonly referred to as a “drip” because many systems of administration use a drip chamber, which prevents air from entering the bloodstream and allows our clinical team to set the rate for medication to enter your body. If you are wondering how antibacterial IV therapies work, then this article is for you!

    Some of the conditions you may receive IV antibiotic therapy for are:

    • Sepsis
    • Bacteremia
    • Pneumonia
    • Wounds and bone infections
    • Other infections

    How does Antibacterial IV Therapy work

    Antibiotics may be administered either via a gravity drip or by a pump connected to the catheter’s injection port. The antibiotics are administered on a timed basis over the course of several hours or days. IV antibiotic therapy is useful in a number of cases, including pneumonia, wound care, sepsis, bone infections, and bacteremia (blood-borne bacterial infection).

    Advantages of Antibacterial IV Therapy

    With those caveats in mind, IV antibiotic therapy still has some significant advantages:

    • It is often effective when oral antibiotics have proven ineffective
    • It can be performed on an outpatient basis, allowing the patient to remain at home or in a setting that is familiar and safe to them
    • It is easier to administer to patients who may resist taking pills

    For more information about antibacterial IV therapy and how it can benefit your life, please feel free to continue browsing through our NEX Wellness website. Click here to find our contact information or to speak with a representative.




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