Chiropractor Services In Burlington

Whether you are seeking treatment for headaches, experiencing frequent back pain, or anything in between, visiting a chiropractor can lead you to a refreshing start to optimal health and well-being. Taking care of your spinal cord leads to endless possibilities to improve your health, since the 24 moveable bones of the spine (vertebrae) protect the spinal cord and the spinal nerves that branch out to communicate with all of your muscles, joints and organs. At NEX Wellness, we offer chiropractic services that help you attain an improved quality of life.

Why is it important to keep a healthy spine?

Many people overlook how keeping a healthy spine is paramount to your health. Proper functionality and mobility is one of the simple aspects that characterize the quality of life, as having an injured spine restricts your freedom of movement. Your spinal cord also communicates with your body which sends signals of movement and organ function. With improper movements, intense exercise or a bad posture, you are susceptible to develop abnormal vertebral joint position and function, called a vertebral subluxation. Fatigue is another causal factor of vertebral subluxation, constant physical and mental stress can cause wear and tear on your spine leading to discomfort and loss of function. All in all, having a healthy spine functions to communicate, coordinate, and control your body movements and internal organ functions.

Health Benefits from seeing a Chiropractor In Burlington

Regularly seeing a chiropractor may lead to a better quality of life and can also remove barriers causing limited or restricted movement. With regular sessions, seeing a chiropractor is shown to demonstrate the following:

● Soothes and improves mood: When you feel that your body seems imbalanced, it could potentially affect your mood. In addition, implementing chiropractic care is shown to improve hormonal balance. Additionally, positive neurotransmitters are released in the brain that create a feeling of relaxation that soothes the symptoms of both anxiety and depression.
● Helps you improve your posture: Over the course of the chiropractic sessions, using various chiropractic adjustments may gradually realign any tilting or curves in your spine, aiming to improve your posture. With a better posture comes with better confidence in yourself by looking taller and feeling stronger.
● Helps you improve your immune system: Your nervous system sends and receives information to your immune system. As you receive regular adjustments from your chiropractor to remove vertebral subluxations and create an improved alignment of your spine, the interference which hinders communication between the nervous and immune systems is removed. . Therefore, keeping your nervous system working properly keeps your immune system healthy, meaning that you are more likely to fight off illness and to recover from sickness at a faster rate.