Nutritional Infusion IV Therapy

When nutrients are given via IV injection instead of in oral supplement form, they bypass the gastrointestinal tract and are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This produces a more rapid effect that is more appropriate for patients in certain circumstances.

A significant number of studies have demonstrated the benefits of nutrient IV therapies. For example:

  • Vitamin C reduces histamine by 72%, resulting in a beneficial effect for allergies.
  • A boost of Vitamins C and B5 (pantothenic acid), helps improve energy levels throughout the day by optimizing adrenal gland function.
  • Vitamin C infused at a dose of 10 grams boosts immunity and is helpful in treating viral and bacterial infections.
  • Magnesium relaxes smooth muscle both in the lungs and circulatory system.  This results in positive effects on asthma, hypertension and angina.
  • IV magnesium has been shown to relieve the pain of migraine headaches within 15 minutes and also completely relieves symptoms of photophobia, nausea and vomiting.
  • Magnesium infused in the treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) has demonstrated effects of decreased pain, improved emotional state and reduction or complete elimination of fatigue.
  • Magnesium, along with calcium, vitamins C and B given by IV, showed improvement in 74% of those with fibromyalgia and myofacial pain.

 Conditions and symptoms treated with nutrient infusions include:

  • Migraines and cluster headaches
  • Fatigue including chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)
  • Fibromyalgia (FMS), myofacial pain
  • Acute muscle spasm
  • Upper respiratory tract infections
  • Acute asthma attacks
  • Chronic sinusitis
  • Viral infections
  • Seasonal allergic rhinitis
  • Cardiovascular disease, angina
  • Numbness, tingling
  • Chronic pain
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Insomnia
  • Depression, anxiety
  • Hives and eczema
  • Neuropathic pain in cancer patients
  • Narcotic withdrawal

“Myers’ Cocktail” Vitamins and Minerals 

This nutrient IV formula contains magnesium, calcium, selenium, B vitamins, vitamin C and trace minerals.  The nutrient mix is combined specifically by condition and individual requirements.