Naturopath Flamborough Services Help Alleviate to Food Allergies and Sensitivity

Do you suspect that certain foods cause your body to react adversely?

Come see our well-known Naturopath in Burlington. It is not always a food allergy as most people believe, but may instead be a case of food sensitivity. NEX Wellness Integrative Health Centre recommends a food sensitivity test as the first step towards improving your health. Once you receive your results, our Naturopath Flamborough services at our Burlington Clinic will help you formulate a plan to eliminate the foods of concern from your diet. Most people see an improvement of symptoms within a few weeks of eliminating the reactive foods.

Do you suffer from a food allergy or food sensitivity? What is the difference?

Two types of antibodies commonly produced in response to foods are IgE (Immunoglobulin E) and IgG (Immunoglobulin G). Food allergies and food sensitivities differ by the type of antibody produced and the speed of the reaction.

Food Allergy – IgE reactions

Undiagnosed food sensitivities can contribute to symptoms and biochemical changes leading to illness. The identification of food reactions and other imbalances provides an opportunity to correct them before a disease develops.

Did you know that migraines, mood and attention disorders and weight gain may be caused by intolerance to certain foods? Do you know if the food you are eating is making you feel unwell?

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Naturopath Flamborough Services Offer Individually Tailored Care for Optimal Health

The NEX Wellness team of naturopath doctors and medical providers offer personalized care for their patients in Flamborough. Our testing and treatments aim to help you achieve optimal health and wellness irrespective of the severity of your conditions.

Our patients, ranging generally between ages of 20-75 years, benefit from our expertise in a variety of areas such as clinical nutrition, botanical medicine and intravenous nutrient therapy.

Our Naturopathy Clinic serves a variety of needs from Flamborough including:

  • Women’s health – pre menopause, Post menopause, hormonal support, Thyroid Support, Chronic fatigue, chronic stress, weight management, and more.
  • Men’s health
  • Adjunctive cancer treatments
  • Healthy aging
  • Cardiovascular disease and hypertension
  • Weight loss & dietary support
  • Clinical nutrition
  • Pain management

NEX Wellness offers individualized health care utilizing the most natural, least invasive and least toxic therapies with an emphasis on diet and nutrition. We can help you feel your very best! Call 905-634-5000 to make an appointment with our Naturopath in Burlington if you’re in the Flamborough area, or contact us online.