Naturopath Waterdown

Naturopath Weight Loss Treatment for Waterdown Clients Naturopathic weight loss programs typically take a holistic approach to weight reduction aiming to enhance your overall health and wellness. Most diets fail because they rarely focus on your individualized needs or lifestyle.

Our naturopath incorporates expertise in clinical nutrition to provide diet and lifestyle counselling for a more permanent change. We have helped many of our Waterdown clients achieve and maintain a healthy weight. Fad diets can cause harm rather than help your body. They are also more difficult to keep up on a long term basis. We can show you how to make a healthy weight part of your regular lifestyle.

The effectiveness of the weight loss treatments at NEX Wellness Integrative Health Centre stems from our patient-centred approach. In addition to poor dietary habits and lack of physical activity, food sensitivities and hormonal imbalances can also cause significant weight gain. That is why we take the time to uncover and address the specific causes of YOUR weight gain.

A Naturopath from our Burlington clinic will:

• Conduct a detailed assessment of your medical history, current diet and lifestyle

• May even recommend tests to determine and correct any underlying problems like hormonal imbalance

• Collaborate with you in designing an integrated health plan utilizing the most natural and least invasive therapies with an emphasis on diet and nutrition.

Experience Optimal Health and Vitality at our Modern Naturopath Clinic

At NEX Wellness, we prefer to define health as an evolving process where the body and the mind perform vital functions in a way that promotes overall well-being. Our dedicated team of naturopaths provide an extensive array of services to meet this goal in a manner that is consistent with the needs of each patient who comes to our clinic in Burlington.

Waterdown patients who come to the NEX Wellness centre enjoy the benefits of quality health care tailored to their exact needs. Come see us! Our naturopaths can help you achieve optimal health and vitality.

Call NEX Wellness at 905-634-5000 or contact us online for an appointment with our naturopath. You can also send an email to to learn more about weight loss treatments for men and women in Waterdown.