How Burlington Residents benefit from Naturopathy

With a prime focus on utilizing natural and non-invasive therapies, Naturopathy aims to furnish optimal wellness that is suitable for women, men, and children alike. At NEX Wellness, our team of licensed naturopathic doctors and committed practitioners combine their respective practices to provide a comprehensive treatment program that is especially individualized for you. When providing you with a treatment plan, we collaborate and maximize on seeking the most effective way towards your healing process.

Naturopathy Burlington Services

At NEX Wellness Burlington, we pride on offering an extensive range of services that provide treatments for a range of acute to chronic conditions. With our expertise on botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, and IV (intravenous) therapy, we are proud to serve families and individuals with our high quality natural treatments. When providing you with an effective remedy, we first conduct a series of assessments and diagnostic tests to address the root of your medical issue. Once we evaluate the problem, we incorporate a therapy method and/or a collaboration of treatments needed to ensure optimal health.

Our extensive array of services offered in Burlington include:

● Naturopathic Consultations
● IV Therapy
● Chiropractic Light Touch Therapy
● Nutritional and Lifestyle counselling
● Acupuncture

Naturopathy Burlington Expertise

Our team at NEX Wellness manages and provides a wide array of treatments which address most issues. These include:

Women’s Health Hormonal assessments, Nutrition for fertility, Pregnancy, Breast health issues, Menopause, Thyroid and Adrenal support, Fatigue management.
Men’s Health issues: Andropause, Cardiovascular disease, Stress and Fatigue, Prostate problems, Sleep disorders, Weight concerns.
Healthy Aging: Arthritis, Cancer, Cognitive disease, Cardiovascular disease, recurrent infection and Chronic pain, Hypertension, Dietary Support.
Pain: Musculoskeletal, Neurological, Cancer related pain.